Friday, November 26, 2004

Legend Pakistani Poet Ahmed Faraz house vacted by force and Police in Islamabad,Pakistan

Capital police got evacuated the house of legend Urdu poet and chairman National Book Foundation Ahmed Faraz despite a stay order issued by Supreme Court, here on Monday.
The famous poet Ahmed Faraz is recently on foreign visit and he has got stay order from Supreme Court against the orders of evacuation of his house by the housing ministry.
In his absence, Capital police harassed the household women and threw the belongings of legend poet out of the house. The house is situated in F-6/3 of the capital.
A National Book Foundation source claimed that the action has been take on the direction of Federal Minister for Housing Safwan Ullah and the house was reportedly vacated to be allotted to the sister of Federal Minister for Ports, Babar Ghauri.

Although Ahmed Faraz a known poet and in his seventies is also entitled to it.
But as Ahmed Faraz told reporters , who is in London at the moment and sick , that Federal Minster Syed Safwan Ullha wanted to allot the house to a known one and acted so rudely. It is shameless act on the behalf of Syed Safwan Ullha to behave like this and treat a known and an old cultural personality like this.
Although Prime minister Shukat Aziz phoned Faraz before this act and assured him that no body will do this shameless act , but one of his minister did it. Now we wait and see what action his taken against him.