Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Attack on journalist in Ghotki, Sukkur

SUKKUR - A journalist and his staff member were attacked by four police gunmen in his office on September 14, 2004.According to the details, two days back, Allah Waraio Bozdwar a journalist had an argument with Taluka police officer Niaz Chandio. As a result, Niaz Chandio came to his office with four armed gunmen and beatup and injured Allah Waraio. He and his computer operator, Mr. Nasir Sheikh were injured.Mr. Pervaiz Abro, President of Ghalib Latif Press Club Sukkur, stated that the attack on Mr. Allah Waraio was a result of his news items about corruption of the police force in Ghotki.The journalists of Sukkur held protest demonstrations against the attack and met Mr. Aftab Halepoto, DPO Ghotki, and demanded immediate investigation into the matter.He promised the journalists that a fair inquiry and punishment to the guilty within four days. But no action has so far been taken.Mr. Aftab Halepoto later appointed an inquiry officer for investigation. The civil society organizations and journalists continuing the demands against the attack and demanded immediate action.